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Tanzania Red Cross Society Membership Management System (TRCSMMS)

TRCSMMS is a Tanzania Red Cross membership management system whereby People from various parts of the country doing self Registration to become member of the Tanzania Red Cross Society, A person sends a registration request by filling the registration form, then the Region coordinator has to Approve the request in the regional level where the message will be sent to Person who requested Membership to show the Progress of his or her Membership Request, then Country Manager/Administrator has to approve all requests from Regional Level, After that the system will send Control number via SMS for payment of membership fee based on a particular membership payment plan after sending Registration request, a member can log in to the system and see the progress of his or her membership request. Member has to pay a fee yearly by the same given control number for renewal of membership.

The system also generates Membership Cards where it shows Member details, Card has a QR code where when you scan it gives the link to the page which shows primary details of the member.

Institute/Company: Tanzania Red Cross Society
Country: Tanzania
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