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Ismaili Mohamedi

Hello, I’m Ismaili Mohamedi residing in Tanzania, East Africa. Web system Engineer | Artificial Intelligence and Automation Engineer, I Develop both simple and Enterprises Software (systems). I worked with large Organizations like The Tanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS). "I believe in learning because the future is here, and the future is not about our current skills, but is all about our willingness to learn."

  • Name:Ismaili Mohamedi
  • Phone:+255763080423
  • Date of Birth: 4 May
  • Address:Tanzania
  • Nationality:Tanzanian
  • Professional:Software Engineer
  • Languages:English, Swahili, Yao
  • Resume doc:View Resume

Languages | Frameworks | Tools


Python { Django-DRF,FastApi, Django Ninja, Flask }
Javascript { Nodejs-Express Framework }
Go { Gin Gonic, Gorilla }
PHP { Laravel }
Database { PostgreSQL, Mysql, MongoDB,Oracle, SQLite }
TDD { Pytest, OpenTest, Pre-commit }


Language & Frameworks:
CSS (3)
Javascript { React js, Vue js, Angular }

AI | Automation | Cloud

Scikit-Learn, Pytorch, Keras, NLTK
NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, mlpack, Matplotlib

Docker, Kubernetes, Git-GitHub


2022 -

Software Developer | Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)

Responsible for system Development.

2021 - 2022

System Developer | Ministry of Health (MoH) Tanzania - Contract

I was Responsible for System Development mostly Backend Development of various Health Care Systems includes Artificial Intelligence-based Systems.

2020 - 2021

Software Engineer |Shulesoft -Contract

I worked on Software Development both Backend and Frontend developemnt of Shulesoft School management System.

2019 - 2020

Software Engineer |Hookit company ltd -Contract

I worked as full stack software Engineer, I developed large systems here such as Tanzania Red Cross Membership management system link: , by using modern technology such as Python with Django REST framework, Docker, and React JS


Bachelor Degree - Mzumbe University

Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology with management, focused on Software Development.


Data modeling and Analysis

Includes data preparation, Data modeling, Data Processing, and Interpretation by the use of Python and R for visualization.

System Analysis & design

Works on Analysis of the system to ensure proper fuctionalities and performance of the system with great Design.

System Development

I work on both backend and frontend (Full-stack) on both small systems and Enterprises Systems.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Includes Development of AI based System and Automation of System Processes.

Works | Projects Done

Project Image

Magefa Tobacco Purchases Management System

  • Link: /

Is a System that enables and simplifies the process of Purchasing Tobacco from …


Project Image

Tanzania Red Cross Society Membership Management System (TRCSMMS)

TRCSMMS is a Tanzania Red Cross membership management system whereby People fro…


Project Image

TRA-Non-Resident TIN Application

A System for Non-Resident Individuals and Companies to Apply for Business TIN s…




Managing Partner | Wegrow Agency Limited

“Ismail is an experienced programmer with extensive experience in the field of systems, web-apps, and software development, a highly skilled and thoughtfully candidate that would make a valuable asset to your team, project, or org… read more

Stanley Gama Photo

Stanley Gama
Software Developer | Air Tanzania Company Ltd

“Ismaili is solution and goal oriented person and good team player. I have known him since university and worked together in different projects, his programming skills is exceptional plus he always comes around with solutions. Has… read more

Albogast Kiyogoma Photo

Albogast Kiyogoma
Software Developer | ShuleSoft

“Ismail is a great software engineer and we have known each other for over 4 years now. We’ve worked together on several projects at ShuleSoft and Ismail is one of the best people to have as a team member. I highly recommend him a… read more

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